The Story So Far

Arlene McMaster, a graduate of the Edinburgh College of Domestic Sciences, originally started 'Cruachan Catering' in 1984 making celebration cakes for friends and then friends of friends. As the number of cakes grew, so did the interest in proper home-made food that wasn't full of additives and preservatives. This interest led to Arlene producing lunches for a local business on a daily basis.

In 1990, a close family friend persuaded Arlene to buy a local shop that had become available and cater for a wider range of people. 'Kuchene' was born. The original premises were situated in a row of terraced shops that used to be stables and barns many years ago. In fact, the building still has the original cruck beam holding the whole place up and is actually a listed building. It was because of the history of the building that the name 'Kuchene' (an old English word meaning kitchen) was chosen.

In the beginning, the shop was mainly a sandwich and salad bar with Arlene able to still produce the celebration cakes and business lunches she had previously done. With the extra space available 'Kuchene' started expanding the range of homemade produce available. This included a wide selection of tray bakes, apple pies, scones, meat pies and homemade salads, as well as expanding the business lunches and introducing buffets.

In 2004, a small shopping complex was built on the old steel works formally known as Butlers. 'The Forge' opened and 'Kuchene' moved in whilst keeping the original premises for production and extra storage. The new shop meant a new line of products and suppliers. The decision was made to use only quality suppliers so as not to lower the standard that had been set through our home-made produce. Now, there is a fine selection of jams and pickles from Cottage Delight, fresh olives from Olives et Al, cheeses from David South and many more delicious snacks and nibbles. So why not pop in and see our full range of products and have a look around 'The Forge'?