Who We Stock

As well as our range of homemade products, we also stock a range of products from a variety of quality suppliers. These include:

Olives et Al Our range of olives vary from time to time so we can offer a new variety of fresh olives. However, if you have a particular favourite, we will do our best to have them the next time you come in.

As well as fresh olives, Olives et al also have a wide range of snacks, dressings and dipping sauces. These are perfect for you appetisers if you are entertaining guests or even if you just want to indulge yourself!


Cottage Delight Cottage Delight is a family owned company based in Staffordshire who ensure that their products are of exceptional quality by using only traditional recipes and production methods.

Their extensive range includes - preserves, marmalades, chutneys and pickles which between them boast a total of 80 Great Taste Awards, The Guild of Fine Foods annual awards, regarded as the industry's Oscars.

Kuchene stocks a comprehensive selection of these award winning products.

Mrs Bridges The unique Mr Bridges range of exclusive food and gifts preserves the taste and class of its namesakes original recipies. Mrs Bridges charming portfolio of luxury products retains more than a touch of nostalgia - from the classic packaging to the traditional recipies and methods used to create a superior gift range.

Perfect for gifts - or special treats - Mrs Bridges foods are available as individual products or in a wide range of gift packages. Choose from her preserve collections gift baskets containing one of each of a range of treats such as the Strawberry Preserve, Strawberry and Cream Old Fashioned Sweets and Orange Marmalade with Champagne paired with Strawberry Preserve with Champagne.

A luxury range at affordable prices

Jules & Sharpie Jules and Sharpie make award winning hot preservaments which are original, full of fruit and flavour and deliciously different.

The jellies and chutneys are perfect accompaniments to hot or cold meat, game or poultry and are really tasty with cheese or in sandwiches.

The jellies also work well as salad dressings, marinades, dips, sauces or even in fruit salads.

Taste and become addicted!

Spanks Created by genuine food lovers, Spanks are dedicated to developing innovative and delicious recipes. Their aim is to add a touch of inspiration to everyday meals. They understand that as we become more aware of new and exciting flavours we are more adventurous in our taste, whilst still enjoying some family favourites. Therefore their range encompasses a mix of store cupboard essentials and new products with a twist. Try the Apple, Raisin & Walnut Chutney (deliciously fruity and nutty) or the Ginger & Chilli Dipping Sauce (a dangerously hot, sweet & sour sauce).

Littleover Apiaries Littleover Apiaries are owned and run by Tony and Jan Spacey. They have a pedigree strain of bees called the Buckfast / Cecropia. The hives are moved around the counties of the East Midlands, Cambridgeshire and Yorkshire. This is done to ensure the health and welfare of the bees and at the same time position the bees in the ideal places to gather their harvests of pollens and nectar.

Active Honey
Active honey is often referred to as The World's First Health Food because its healthy tonic properties were first described in ancient writings. It is also considered one of today's Super Foods because active honey contains nearly every known nutrient required for a balanced human diet: 22 amino acids, 27 minerals most of the known vitamins, and many enzymes and proteins including active diastase at between 4 - 7% activity. It is antibacterial and promotes good health.